Hi, I'm Tim. This is my public journal.

This site is where I publish a subset of my writing in an attempt to work with the garage open. Many people far smarter than me have written about the benefits of writing. Writing is a habit like any other. Ultimately the motivation is to have something to point to, a reference for not only myself but the people I leave behind. I could write in hard copy, but I can also do it here, where it might benefit more people than just myself.

So it's a blog?

While this may look similar to the familiar form of a blog, I think of it more like a wiki in that each article can evolve over time. Each entry aims to be an accurate representation of my thoughts at the time they were written, and I imagine I'll soon regret the things I write now. Regardless what's important to me is to get them down, and it is up to you to understand the date of creation is important as the content itself.

So it's vanity?

I want to be careful to avoid this becoming an exercise in narcissism. I'm not that interesting, but my experiences and learnings can be to other people, especially if they already have a vested interest in me.

You can contact me if you feel so inclined at nominal@sent.com